Why Are Books Better Than Movies?

Why Are Books Better Than Movies?

In a world dominated by photos, videos, animation and audiovisual media, books still continue to thrive.

Books have been there for us since a very, very long time. Whether it’s about academics or life, they helped us in every aspect. When we need to learn about a subject, we turn to books. When we need to spend our time having fun, we turn to books.

No matter if we are happy or sad, rich or poor, young or old; the books have always been, and will be, our primary source of knowledge, entertainment and everything in between.

Even though modern-day alternatives like movies or theatrical plays fit our shortened-attention span better than books, a book connoiseur will always prefer a book over a movie, and that's not because of their inherent bias, but is because of the reason that books are actually far better than movies.

Below, we will provide a few reasons why books are better than movies. However, you don't just have to take our word for it - watch a 3 hour-long movie and read a book the next day, you'll see the difference yourself.

Reading books fosters limitless imagination and helps boost your creativiy.

When you are watching any movie, all the visuals (such as scenes and the appearance of the characters) and their emotions are clearly displayed in front of you, so you will need to put no extra effort to understand or imagine anything. 

On the other hand, when you are reading a book, there is no such thing called visuals. So, whatever you learn or perceive will depend upon your own imagination. Take your protagonist to an oasis that no one has ever seen, or make your heroine so beautiful that it slackens your jaw - it's all up to you.

When there are no limits to our imagination, we get creative and try hard to produce images and scenarios that we love, and this exercise helps boost our creativity effectively.

Books increase your thinking capacity and make you smarter.

While watching movies, your imagination is limited and your brain only understand what's going inside the scene. But while reading a book, your brain has to imagine and create most of the details itself, and this practice makes it stronger and sharper. 

Reading books opens up your mind and strengthens the neocortex and thalamus part of the brain, which is responsible for controlling the brain’s imaginative and creative power. 

This is a solid reason why you should buy a book and start reading now!

Movies sometimes miss important details. 

If any movie is based upon any novel or fiction book, they can’t cover every single detail in the time frame of 2 or 3 hours. Even in longer web series that have tens of episodes, the writers modify the original story to make it more "spicy" and appealing for the average viewer.

If you have watched the Harry Potter Film Series, try reading the Harry Potter Novel Series today. You will see how much you missed when you chose to watch the movies instead of reading the actual novels.


Books improve your professional skills like speaking and writing.

Movies are usualy written in laymen's language. They don't have complex vocabulary or phrases because the movie makers want their stories to be understood by everyone. On the other hand, books are written in a sophisticated language, and reading that will improve your vocabulary as well as your ability to express something through words.

Books also contribute towards character-building and personality development. Studies have found that people who read books are actually kinder and have more empathy than people who don't. 

Movies Intensify actual details and facts.

Books are simple and mention every detail and fact without any extra makeup. On the other hand, movies usually over-romanticize the scenes and, sometimes, the whole film to keep the audience hooked.

The filmmakers who want to have a mass appeal for their movies will always commit the crime of adding spicier details to the original story. On the other hand, books have an original, unaltered storyline that you can amend as per your imagination.


Considering everything we discussed above, it is clear that books are a better option as compared to movies if we want to be imaginative, smarter, kinder and happier.

Now that you know the best way to spend your leisure time is to read a book, which one are you planning to read? 

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